Building a Cargo Bike Pannier

As I’ve written before, I love my Yuba Mundo. It’s a fantastic bike that can do things other bikes can’t, mainly carry a lot more people and cargo. It’s the singular tool that can empower a person, no, even a whole family, to live car free in an urban or small town environment. I’ve waxed…


six favorite posts of 2013*

Online Astronomer editor Doug Reilly picks his six favorite posts from 2013. From meditations on the aesthetics of telescopic observing to a star-name mystery, a new Nova and the process of science sung by They Might Be Giants, 2013 was a rich year.


Bicycle Astronomy gets an award!

On Saturday night, the good, hard working people of the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center held their annual award and appreciation dinner at the Sons of Italy. Bicycle Astronomy was honored with a “most innovative project of 2013″ certificate. It was great to meet the movers and shakers of the various, newly constituted “neighborhoods”, especially the…